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Friday, March 31, 2006

Gold bull runs - heading to $600

After weeks of boring times, Gold rise followed by Platinum breaking the record high.
The bull run starts at around $550 when spot gold goes up and down in the range $540-$570.

Gold breaks double top ($574) without difficulty and heading towards $600. It reaches a day high of $589 yesterday, and today it stays at $58x level, taking a rest and ready for another surge.

Now $600 seems a easy target to reach, then what's next ? Can it test $700 level, or even $800 ? The history high is $850 at 1980. Is it possible to climb to this level ?

Ref: Gold price history chart

Monday, March 13, 2006

Commodity Gold struggling below $550

Gold has lost momentum to rise recently.
After forming double top at $570, Gold dropped rapidly to below $550, Now it is selling at $542 only. It has tried to go up $550 several times but still failed.
But analysis still expecting Gold to reach over $600 this year. Now it is time for some rest.
When will the bull starts again ?