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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gold future rebounces to break $560

Gold future (Apr) rise to $561.2 high today. It has dropped $4 yesterday.
Analyst said, if the bull starts, nothing can stop it. Especially for gold market.
It is not a problem of whether it would break $600 barrier or not, it is just a matter of time.
Check out the gold price now, and wait to see when it happens~~

Monday, February 27, 2006

Gold struggles at $555 level

Today Gold has been so boring.... just stay at $555-$557 level.
No signs of breakup yet... but lessen the overbrought already.

Nothing much to talk about. =P
stay claim and watch the bull runs again !

Friday, February 24, 2006

spot gold rebounce to $558

Following the big rebound of crude oil, spot gold prices starts to rally and rise $9.5 to a weekly high $558.

The morning session has tested the low $548 and get supported. Then in the afternoon session gold starts to rise. It has been flustrated a lot this week with little gain or loss. Friday showed a significant rise.

The 25-year high is $574 made some weeks ago. Hopefully it will test the record high again if the new bull is confirmed. Check the currnet gold prices here

Monday, February 20, 2006







  至於前所忽略的事情則是,由世界黃金協金贊助的黃金證券(Gold ETFs)自2004年秋季起獲得出人意外的迅速發展,截至今年本月上旬,五種黃金證券的銷售量高達四百二十九噸黃金。須知道,四百餘噸的黃金已相當一個國家的儲備量,目前黃金證券所衍生的持金量可居央行的持金量表中的第十二位,次於西班牙而高於台灣。









Gold continues the bull steadily

Gold struggling at $555.9 level whole day. Gold related stock in Hong Kong. (2899, 3330) rise by 3-5% following the big rally of CEI. There had not been any special news which explains the grow, but tonite there is no US market. Sometimes big account will make use of this chance and make profit from creating a violation.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gold rebounced to $552

After a long week of adjustment, Gold has reached a weekly low of $535.
And it stands right over this level and attempted to gain back its loss.
In the friday US session, Gold price rised to a weekly high of $555, and close at $552.

It was a good sign to see spot gold close over $550. It is expected that another bull run would be coming and it would test $600 mark at least.

Stay close at gold price, and earn from Gold~~

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Commodity Gold adjustment continues...

CMX Gold price is now $535, dropped $10 from $545 today.
Obviously gold is not ready to pick up another surge yet.
Hopefully it can build a bottom support around $535. If this support is approved, Gold will be ready to test another 25 year high.
On the other hand, if Gold cannot break through $550, it is still in the narrow trading range, and no new upside or download trend formed.
Today I check the history of Gold over the years. If you take a look at 1970-1980, the volatity is huge after decades of stable price. Get ready to see the big move of gold.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spot Gold Yearly Chart (high and low)

Spot Gold Yearly Chart (high and low) 1975-2000

view more about spot gold history

Spot gold continue to drop... downside bias

Asian market time Spot gold has dropped to below $540 to a day low around $535. Counted from the monthly top $574, Gold adjustment has been about $40, which is about 7% already. It is a normal adjustment as TA shows a serious overbought. Smart investors started to take profit and the adjustment begins.

Now gold price rise steadily and reached $546 now, which has lift the price up by $10 from the morning market. Seems that investors think the gold has taken enough rest and its time to pick up the bull again.

Monitor the gold using this free real time quote page, which includes popular index like HSI, Nikkei, DOW, forex and of course, Gold.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Gold undergoing adjustment before another bull run

Gold is trading at $545-$555 range today.
Gold market starts at a low $545 today, once it tried to climbed over 550, but it cannot stand over it and drops back to the beginning.
China Gold related stocks suffers, 2899, 3330 boths drops by over 4%.
When will it pick up the bull again ? I guess it will take at current range for some more days because of TA overbought. Once the adjustment is finished, another surge will surely begin and Gold will test the $600 mark in a short while.
Stay close to gold price. Visit the real time gold quote page here.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


“Gold could hit $US725 on China demand” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005
Yet another estimation on how high the gold price is predicted to climb to?

“Prices may reach $US725 an ounce by 2010 from the current level of $US437…” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005

Now, more & more analysts are predicting for gold to climb still higher, but is there anyone we can trust with certainty who also is claiming that gold is set to rise signifacntly in the years ahead?

"It's possible that we'll see a significant increase in demand for gold jewellery [in China]," said Darren Heathcote, head of trading at NM Rothschild & Sons in Sydney.” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005

Well, I will definitely trust the word of N. M. Rothschild & their predictions concerning the gold market. And another respected professional institution predicting higher gold prices?

"THIS TREND IS LIKELY TO CONTINUE IN THE MEDIUM TERM," said Tim Spencer, analyst with GFMS, a London research company (GFMS is the world's foremost precious metals consultancy, specialising in research into the global gold, silver, platinum & palladium markets.).” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005

And why is China the trend setter today & the country to pay greater attention to?

“China's 1.3 billion consumers are already the world's biggest users of steel, cement, copper, tin and iron ore.” "The purchasing power of the Chinese for dollar-denominated commodities has clearly gone up," said George Albino, senior analyst at Orion Securities in Toronto.” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005

Now read the tonnage figures below & digest the nearly TRIPLE demand increase that is being predicted for just the next 5 years of Chinese gold consumption.

“Chinese retail sales of gold jewellery rose more than 11 per cent to 224 tonnes in 2004, said GFMS. Sales might rise to as much as 600 tonnes within five years, said Merrill Lynch's Graham Birch, leading China to surpass India as the biggest consumer.” By Xiao Yu & Matt Chambers,, 8-9-2005

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Investing in gold 2006

The best performing major asset class for 2005 was gold. However, gold has lagged the commodities and precious metals boom and is still very cheap in relation to other commodities such as oil against which it has traditionally been benchmarked.

In fact, gold was at a 25-year low in terms of its value in barrels of oil this summer, and other metals have risen in price by a factor of several times. Therefore, don't be fooled into thinking that gold's recent rally has made gold expensive, on any rational analysis gold is very cheap, and you should always buy low and sell high.

Why is it that gold prices are only now getting back to where they stood 25 years ago? When you think of general price inflation in that period surely gold is due for a major revaluation. A university graduate in London earned perhaps $12,000 in 1980 compared with $45,000 today, yet gold prices are actually lower than in 1980.

In the investment world spotting an undervalued asset is the name of the game. Gold has also been in short supply for the past year as a physical commodity, while investors have begun to look at gold as a hedge against rising inflation due to the high oil price, and as a financial safe haven against likely problems in capital markets due to high US debt levels or even a serious outbreak of bird flu.

Zero sum investment
Another reason to buy gold for 2006 is simply that the alternatives do not look so bright. Hedge funds have had a lousy 2005; US equities have shifted sideways; US bonds have probably peaked and higher interest rates should depress bonds; real estate is beginning to feel the impact of higher interest rates; GCC equities look massively overbought and the best real estate opportunities have gone; and so the list goes on, US and UK property are in trouble too.

Choosing a safe haven in such an uncertain outlook is really a no-brainer. Instead of gold you could opt for a US dollar deposit account, but it is difficult to know if the US dollar will rise or fall in a tougher economic environment, and perhaps owning gold that is denominated in US dollars is sufficient exposure.

Hence a simple zero-sum investment game leads you to gold as the best option for investment in 2006, which is probably going to be a year in which capital preservation is more important to worry about that capital gain. How then should you invest in gold?

How to invest in gold
Buying gold bullion bars and coins is one idea, but gold is very heavy and this is not practical for larger investment amounts and not very secure either.

Thus a fund indexed to the price of gold such as GLD on the NYSE is an easy way to hold exposure to the price of the physical metal alone. For convenience you can buy and hold GLD in any online brokerage account, and sell it when you want to at the click of a button.

Secondly, the purchase of shares in the largest global gold mining companies is an excellent way of getting exposure to gold, and depending on their hedging policies gold mining company share prices tend to move upwards more quickly in value than the price of gold, so this is a leveraged investment to a degree.

The big names are well known, and easily researched on the Internet: Newmont Mining, Harmony, Gold Corp, Barrick Gold, and Placer Dome are some major gold mining companies to consider; and the least hedged of all, so that the share price moves up and down the most with the gold price is Seabridge Gold.

Thirdly, consider buying some gold futures contracts on the new Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange. At the time of writing December 2006 futures were trading at only a 6% premium over the spot price of gold, so if you think that is pessimistic then buy these contracts through a local brokerage.

For 2006 gold investors should consider physical gold or a gold index first, and then add a few major gold mining companies and DGCX gold futures contracts. But for real performance the junior gold exploration stocks should be considered, and these smaller capitalization firms will be reviewed in Part Two of this article.

original article can be viewed here

Analysts see gold as high as $600 in 2006

Gold, at its highest in a quarter of a century, is set for further gains in 2006 and has the potential to breach $600 an ounce, analysts said on Wednesday. Investment bank Macquarie and precious metals refiner Heraeus said gold had strong fundamentals.

Another bank, Barclays Capital, was more skeptical about many of the factors often used to explain gold's rally, but said it recognized early signs of a changing attitude toward bullion among longer-term investors.

Further dollar weakness, talk that Asian central banks might buy gold and increased inflows of new investment money were all cited as positive factors for bullion.

post from

Why gold is soaring -- and could keep going

It's not just inflation worries driving gold futures to new highs. Here are some ways you can still stake a claim in the rally by investing in companies that mine the metal.

In the article from MSN Money, author Robert Walberg talks about Gold.
After spending most of the year confined to a $30 range, gold futures have exploded to their highest level in nearly two decades. Since bottoming on July 15 this year, gold is up 20.5%, with 12% of that gain coming in just the last month. Gold stocks have done even better, gaining an average of 61% since bottoming in mid-May.

The rally is finally starting to draw the attention of investors, who want to know what's behind the big surge in gold prices and gold stocks -- and, more importantly, if it's too late to take part in the rally.

One reason cited for the price move is investor concern over inflation. However, there are many more direct hedges against inflation in today's investment world than gold futures. Oil futures quickly come to mind -- especially considering that the big jump in crude over the last year is largely responsible for the inflationary pressures in today's economy.

Some points he noted:
-If not inflation worries, then what?
-Demand grows while mines decline
-There's still some luster in gold stocks

Gold in adjustment... range 550-570

Climbed over $560 yesterday, then lost momentum and dropped below $550 to $545 again.
Then Gold price bounced back a little and close at $550.

Gold for this week dropped by about US$10. It may continue to trade within the $550-570 range.

BTW, there is a real time quote page for HSI, DOW, forex, gold and crude oil. Hope it is helpful to all of you.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gold investment - 2006 is another year of big rally

Spot Gold price has been keep rising for the past years (2001 - 2005). Will it continue to rise in 2006 ?
In an article from The author has mentioned 5 points why gold will continue to rise.
Read the full article here.

The main reason is about the balance of supply and demand, and gold has turned bull and weak US dollars.
I totally agree with it. Guess the top ? I dunno. It can go really high since the gold turnover is small.

Spot gold bounce back by 8 dollars

gold price rise back by 8 dollars to about $560. The 25 years high has been $574.
Today the day low has gone below $550.

The rally has been too quick and need some adjustment. It comes fast, drops fast, and pick up the rally again fast. It is really not easy to get profit from gold day trading.

If you trade gold future yesterday, you would probably loss everything for your contact because of the level effect. One contract is about HKD 22000 and yesterday it simply drops US20 to make you loss 22K. Then all your money is gone in a single day !

Always be patient, and do long term investment. The gold surge should last for several years.

Stay close at gold price, and watch how it rocks !!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gold Price Rebound after big sell off

Yesterday gold price has reached a low of $545, dropped nearly $30 from its highest record $574.
The sell off seems stops with a rebound today. Spot gold stay at $550 for half a day. Then it jumps to $558 during Asia market time.
Will the surge continue and make another record high ?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

gold price

oh my god.... gold price drop by US$20 in a single day.
my gold stock (2899) immediately lost 8% day, and touch my cut profit point... I didn't cut profit, as it rebounce immediately afterwards.
I hope spot gold can pick up the rally again and test US $600 in the short run. I still have full confidence that US dollar will be weak, and Gold will benefit from weak dollar and strong demand. Someone is seeing Gold heading to $1000 !! You can view his reasons in the article.
Good luck Gold ! And always be strong !

Sunday, February 05, 2006

gold price will rise to US $800 ?

Gold trading becomes one of the hottest trade nowadays. Since the Gold central has a yearly quota to sell gold. Once all the gold quota is reached and demand is still strong, Gold price will raise, since supply is getting limited.
Gold price has reached 25 year high of about $574 recently, and very probability it will test $600, $700, $800, and test the record high $850 mark done on 1980.
Keep track on Gold price. There are many free sits offering real time gold quote and related news. The most popular one is kitco. And I have collected a few of gold links in my gold collection page. Stay close and get ready to rock !!